Class: Nike-class Battlecruiser
Mass: 2,519,750 tons
Dimensions: Length: 1,102 meters Height: 129 meters Beam: 114 meters
Acceleration: 674.3g (6,613 kps)
Broadside: 25 Missles 12 Grazers 32 Counter Missiles 30 PD
Chase: 4 Grazers 12 PD



Welcome to HMS Rigel (BC-591), a chapter of The Royal Manticoran Navy based in Perkasie, Pennsylvania.

The Royal Manticoran Navy is the Official Honor Harrington Fan Association. David Weber’s Honor Harrington novels are like the C. S. Forester novels about Horatio Hornblower, but set in the 41st Century instead of the 19th Century.

HMS Rigel is a Nike class battlecruiser in First Fleet’s Battlecruiser Division 111. HMS Rigel received the Fleet Excellence Award for being the best ship in TRMN during 2014. If you’d like to be part of our crew, join TRMN, choose Royal Manticoran Navy or Royal Manticoran Marine Corps as your Branch, and put HMS Rigel your Chapter. Membership is free. You may contact the Commanding Officer of HMS Rigel by e-mail via co [at] hmsrigel [dot] trmn [dot] org if you have any questions or just want to learn more about us or about TRMN.


We meet regularly at conventions, and our chapter engages in individual activities (movie nights, game sessions, museum visits, etc) all with the intention of having a good time together.

As a crew we’re here to help you succeed in pursuing your passion, so let us how we can help and we’ll do everything we can! You can drop us a note to let us know that you’re interested in signing aboard HMS Penelope!